fire damageFew life events are more traumatic than a fire. Regardless of the extent of the damage, it’s stressful and difficult to be forced out of your home to wait for restoration to occur. In the event of fire or smoke damage, it is critical to contact your home insurance provider immediately. Prolonged exposure to smoke and water can cause further damage to your belongings. Smoke residues will begin to infiltrate your home structure, causing odors which can linger without the help of a professional fire restoration service.

The aftermath of a fire can be difficult to remove without the help of professional equipment and cleaning products. 5ive Star Restoration Services’ team of experts will work to help you inventory your belongings, and begin the restoration process as soon as an estimate and project plan have been conducted. Within hours of your tragedy, you can rest assured that your home and life and being restored to its state.

While Waiting for 5ive Star Restoration to Arrive on Site:

  • Move All Pets to a Safe Environment
  • Open all Windows
  • Empty Your Refrigerator and Freezer and Discard All Food Exposed to Heat
  • Avoid Trying to Wash Your Walls or Ceilings
  • Avoid Turning on Your Air Conditioner or Heating System

Once Our Fire Restoration Experts Arrive We Will

  • Assess the Damage and Formulate a Project Plan and Estimates
  • Assist in a Total Inventory of Your Belongings
  • Aid in Packaging Your Clothing and Upholstery for Professional Dry-Cleaning
  • Remove Standing Water and Dry Your Interior
  • Professionally Clean and Restore Walls, Ceilings, and Fixtures
  • Perform Any Necessary Restoration and Reconstruction to Your Property

While surveying the aftermath of a fire, it may seem difficult to believe that your life and home can ever be restored to normal. Rest assured, our experts have years of experience helping clients resume a high quality of life as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you informed of our process, work diligently to exceed expectations, and ensure you’re satisfied with the final results.