water damageWater damage is among the most common forms of disaster that homeowners experience. Most often, it is caused by plumbing or water heater failure. As soon as you observe flooding within your home, contact your insurance provider immediately to receive expert restoration assistance. Water damage is known as a progressive form of damage, and failure to act quickly can result in further damage to your structure, and increase your risk for mold.

While it may be tempting to begin performing clean-up duties while waiting for assistance, it’s advisable to wait for professional help to arrive on site. Your efforts could increase the humidity in the air in your interior, causing damage in rooms that were not originally affected by the disaster.

5ive Star Restorations’ team of experts will arrive expediently on site to perform a rapid assessment of the damage, using moisture meters to detect any hidden risks. Once a project plan and estimates are complete, we’ll begin rapid drying to ensure your mold risk is removed before restoring your home to its original condition.

While Waiting for 5ive Star Restoration to Arrive on Site:

  • Ensure Your Water Source Has Been Shut Off.
  • Turn Off Your Breaker Before Unplugging Any Electrical Devices.
  • Place Aluminum Foil under Furniture and Draperies Affected by the Water.
  • Avoid Using Your Vacuum or Home Outlets.
  • Avoid Walking on Floor Coverings as Much as Possible.

Our Water Restoration Experts Will:

  • Assess the Damage to Formulate a Restoration Plan
  • Assist in a Total Inventory and Removal of Your Belongings
  • Identify Mold Risks Using Humidity Meters
  • Remove Standing Water and Dry Your Interior Thoroughly
  • Perform All Necessary Restoration and Reconstruction to Your Property

While it may seem tempting to begin the cleanup process as soon as the water source has been shut off, protect yourself from unnecessary risk by avoiding using all electrical outlets. We understand that your home and possessions are important to you, so we’ll arrive on site quickly and treat your surroundings with the utmost respect. Water damage is often more extensive than it appears to the eye, so our experts are trained to ensure that you’re not at risk for mold after the water has been cleaned up.