storm damageNo amount of planning or preparation can protect your home from the effects of nature. Wind storms can strike any time of the year, and the damage from tornadoes, windstorms, hail or other natural events can range from minor to severe. Whether you’ve suffered minor damage to your roof, or total destruction of your family home, obtaining immediate assistance is crucial to prevent the loss of your possessions or damage to the interior of your home.

When natural disaster strikes, your first consideration should always be to transport your family to a safe location. Our team at 5ive Star Restoration understands that natural disasters can leave your home vulnerable to further damage, so our first course of action is always to protect your structure and belongings from any further damage.

While waiting for 5ive Star Restoration to arrive on site, consider your safety first. Never place your family or pets in harm’s way. Always err on the side of caution.

Our Storm Restoration Experts Will:

  • Take immediate action to protect your home and possessions from further damage and water by protecting all exposed areas.
  • Perform an inventory of your possessions and assist in any necessary moving and cleaning.
  • Assess water damage and begin drying to prevent structural damage.
  • Perform any restorations necessary to restore your interior and exterior to its original condition.

When natural disaster strikes, you should never be left worrying whether your home and belongings will experience further damage while you wait for a response. Our team of experts are highly trained, and follow a strict code of ethics to ensure your quality of life is restored as quickly as possible. We’ve got the experience necessary to work directly with your insurance provider to help you receive the restoration you need to restore your home to its original value.